Kickstarting negawatts

How to realise the untapped potential of energy efficiency

Kickstarting negawatts
There is huge potential for electricity efficiency to reduce peak demand in the UK.

Drawing on experience from the US and examples of progressive schemes here in the UK, our report Kickstarting the negawatts market recommends how the government should improve its new two year pilot scheme so it can properly test the contribution of energy demand reduction in the capacity market

News release 18 July 2014 'Negawatt market could displace eight UK power stations'

Wasted opportunities

Inconsistent recycling is losing the UK £1.7bn a year

Wasted opportunities
UK recycling policy has stalled. Our outdated system wastes £1.7 billion every year, and stops companies from investing in and sourcing recycled content from the UK. 

Wasted opportunities: smarter systems for resource recovery, the second report from the Circular Economy Task Force, a consortium of eight leading businesses, describes how a better system would realise the value of waste materials. 

The report outlines two ways government could create a more circular economy for discarded materials, providing more opportunities for remanufacturing and reuse.

News release 15 July 2014                   #thinkcircular

Low carbon Africa

Our infographic shows how low carbon energy can power faster development in sub-Saharan Africa

Low carbon Africa
Low carbon, decentralised technologies are the fastest way to provide energy, and its benefits, to the 70% of sub-Saharan Africans who have no access. 

This report was produced in collaboration with Christian Aid, Greenpeace, RSPB and WWF. It demonstrates the scale of the opportunity for change and the extent to which UK businesses could help to make it happen.

Read the Storify of our Low Carbon Africa event with Chuka Umunna MP.

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Annual review 2013

Annual review 2013
Despite a difficult political environment, we had significant impact in some key areas in 2013.

Highlights included influencing the government to act on electricity efficiency, auditing the environmental performance of the three main parties, hosting major political speeches and shaping the debate on a greener economy, particularly through research into how to achieve a more circular economy and the role of low carbon infrastructure.

The digital review of our work in 2013 also provides links to our publications and more details.

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