Greener Britain Hustings

Greener Britain Hustings
On 23 March, senior party representatives took part in a lively debate with a public audience at the Greener Britain hustings, chaired by the BBC's Tom Heap.

Watch the highlights here by clicking on the image right or view our playlist to see more. 

Read our Storify summary.


Improving UK resource governance

Our proposal for new institutions to meet resource challenges for the 21st century
Improving UK resource governance
Resource price volatility is at a historic high, global competition for resources is rising and environmental limits rule out just expanding resource supplies. 
The UK is also lagging behind other leading industrialised nations,  like the US, Germany and China in tackling resource security. Our report recommends a new institutional framework to enable the new government to improve resource policy in future.

News release 2 March 2015: Government urgently needs a National Security Council for resources


UK's party leaders sign joint climate change agreement

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband pledge to tackle climate change in cross-party agreement
UK's party leaders sign joint climate change agreement
In a significant new climate agreement brokered by Green Alliance, the prime minister, deputy prime minister and the leader of the opposition have all signed up to commitments, including to seek a strong and fair global climate deal and to end the use of unabated coal in power generation. 

Read the press release and the full agreement. Images from the leaders signing the agreement can be found here and a short film here.

This agreement follows the Show the Love campaign involving thousands of people and celebrities in showing why climate change matters to them.

35 years of Green Alliance

Celebrating with the launch of our new strategy for 2015-18
35 years of Green Alliance
At a party of 400 people in central London to celebrate our 35th anniversary on 20 November 2014, we launched our new strategy for 2015-18, Creating a greener Britain.

To celebrate our 35th year we have asked friends and colleagues to tell us what they think of us. See what they said.

News release 21 November 2014: 'Time to put the public back in public policy' 


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