Inside Track 34

Priorities for a new parliament

Inside Track 34
Inside Track is the occasional journal of Green Alliance. It is a platform for views on environmental politics, with updates and news on Green Alliance’s work.

This edition looks ahead to next year's election and beyond: Jim Pickard speculates on green promises that will be made in party manifestos; Lord Deben outlines the three government actions needed to strengthen low carbon policy; Matthew Spencer has five items for the next PM's in tray. 

Climate leadership

UK and US compared

Climate leadership
The UK has been a world leader in setting carbon targets and curbing CO2 emissions. In contrast, the US has had high CO2 emissions and low interest in climate diplomacy. Over the past four years however, the balance has shifted. 

This infographic compares UK and US attitudes and commitments to climate leadership and how this has changed over time.

In December 2015 the UK and US will join 194 countries to sign a new climate change agreement. But will it be meaningful and make a difference to climate change action?


Green Roots

Environmental thinking from the main political traditions

Green Roots
We’ve launched three new pamphlets under our Green Roots programme over the party conference season this year, aiming to advance political thinking on the environment.

Each of them proposes concrete actions on a distinctive issue:

Green social democracy: Building a public mandate for infrastructure
Green conservatism: Better resource productivity for a more resilient economy
Green liberalism: Reforming the Treasury for long term policy

Circular Economy Task Force

Next phase announced

Circular Economy Task Force
The Circular Economy Task Force, run by Green Alliance, has launched its new phase of work.
Up until the general election, the Task Force will be looking at government institutions and the reforms necessary for a step change in the UK’s resource productivity. Our previous analysis has shown poor recycling systems alone are losing the UK £1.7 billion a year  and that action by government is needed.
News release 3 October 2014: ‘Circular Economy Task Force to consider shake up of government machinery’ 

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